Andara Wildlife Sanctuary is a non profit, voluntary private sanctuary on the North-East coast of Tasmania. We are 24/7 dedicated to the RESCUE, REHABILITATION, RAISING and RELEASE of Orphaned, Injured, Sick and just needing a little time to recover native animals, birds and some reptiles.

Andara is self-funded and operated by myself Sharlene King as a full time volunteer carer with assistance from my partner Bruce, supporting me in many ways.

Our aim is to provide a safe, comfortable, peaceful haven

for the rehabilitation and raising of wildlife that come to us for care. 

I have been a volunteer carer of orphaned, injured and sick wildlife in Tasmania for the past 20 years. In this time I have had the most amazing experiences with these amazing animals. They make me laugh and cry, but I am always filled with Joy when I am with them.

On average, per year I take in 60 plus native animals, birds and some reptiles. These include Tasmanian Pademelon wallabies, Bennetts wallabies, Wombats, Brushtail possums, Ringtail possums, Little pygmy-possums, Sugar gliders, Eastern barred bandicoots, Southern brown bandicoot, Echidna's, Tasmanian devil, Bats, Wedged-tailed Eagles, Brown falcon's, Peregrine falcon, Owls, Tawny frogmouths, Kookaburra's, Honeyeaters, Black faced cuckoo shrike and Blue tongued lizards.




Due to the number of wildlife coming to me for care, it has become full time voluntary work for me. Without my amazing generous partner Bruce supporting me financially, the profit I make on BioSuperfood and BioPreparation, the amazing generosity and support of Cathy and David at North East Landscaping Supplies and the donations that people make, this would not be possible. 

If you would like to Help me Help wildlife that come into my care, you can purchase some of my Orphaned wildlife photography gifts through my store! By doing this you will be assisting me in supplying the necessary Wombaroo milk formulas, colostrum powder, teats, medicines, kangaroo/wallaby pellets, fruit and vegetables, heat pads, food for birds, materials for enclosures, etc. to care for these wonderful Animals, Birds and Reptiles.

There are some Animals that cannot be released due to injury or not recovering 100% from illness. If these Animals are not suffering or in any pain, Andara offers Sanctuary to live their lives with others of their kind.  

Most wildlife that come into care at Andara Wildlife Sanctuary are a direct result of human interference. In Tasmania road kill is a MAJOR problem causing death or injuries to animals and birds. The most common injuries are broken limbs that are mostly untreatable, however we have had success treating some animals to full recovery!  I have regular call outs to find an animal that someone has seen injured lying on the side of the road, and it is heartbreaking to find, knowing that it will have to be euthanased.

Orphaned joey's from road kill mum's are the most common of all wildlife that come to me for care. These little ones have lost their mum, their secure, warm pouch with all their needs met. They are found, and instantly have to deal with their world turned upside down, they are in shock and stressed and can be injured as a result of the impact with the motor vehicle and this can kill them.

So it is VERY IMPORTANT for the first person that finds a joey orphan to follow the


By following these steps you will firstly be doing the best you can for the orphan joey and secondly you will be making the job of the wildlife carer who takes on the joey a lot easier.

Injury to Birds from coming into contact with a motor vehicle are becoming more common to Andara wildlife sanctuary, most have some sort of injury to a wing. I have had great success and have been able to release most birds, but they have not had broken bones or spines, birds with these types of injuries sadly need to be euthanased. If you come across an injured bird please follow the 5 STEPS TO WILDLIFE RESCUE  and as soon as possible get the Bird to a Vet or a wildlife carer.

Donations Welcome!

“It’s All About The Wildlife”

Rescue, Rehabilitate, Raise, Release.

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