Please follow these 5 important steps to assist the animal or bird and help save lives:

  1. Make sure the animal or bird is SECURE, COMFORTABLE and CONFINED. e.g: wrapped in a blanket, towel, jumper, tied in a pillow case or beanie. Placed in a towel lined box.
  2. Keep the animal or bird WARM not hot!
  3. Place in a QUIET, DARK place.
  4. DO NOT give the animal or bird any food, water or cows milk! Native animals and birds have specialized diets and feeding an animal or bird in shock can kill them!
  5. PLEASE keep children and pets AWAY!! as stress can kill! Wild animals and birds are not used to human or domestic animal contact as they are predators to wildlife!

Please call one of these numbers as soon as possible for a carer to help in Tasmania:

(03) 63722973 Andara Wildlife Sanctuary - Sharlene

(03) 6375 1483 Pademelon Park Wildlife refuge - Vicki and Geoff

(03) 0447 264 625  Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary 24hr hotline


Wildlife rescue is not easy. It can be heartbreaking and rewarding at the same time.

I regularly receive calls to go on rescues to find wildlife that have been hit on the road, this is not always easy as they can drag themselves into the bush or across paddocks and it is heartbreaking to find animals with broken legs, wings, spines, head trauma, that are suffering great pain. They need to be handled with care, given pain relief and unfortunately euthanasia. The positive from this is that they no longer have to suffer.

Some wildlife can be treated and have survived, to be released back to the wild. Those that can't, have a place at Andara to live with others of their kind.

Finding a live Joey in a mothers pouch is rewarding, although heartbreaking that the Joey does not get to be with it's mother. Coming into care, the Joeys world is turned upside down! from their mothers pouch, which has everything they need, to different smells, sounds, artificial pouches, milk formulas etc. it can be very hard for them.

Other rescues are from dog and cat attacks. The trauma that the wildlife suffer from these attacks is usually fatal! just one puncture wound from the teeth or claw from a cat is usually fatal, as wildlife have no immunity to a cats bacteria! Orphaned Joeys can also come from this.

Shooting wildlife is totally disgusting, cowards behind a weapon of death!!! Wildlife being used as target practice, many times not being killed outright, and left to suffer in great pain, with a slow death! Joeys being taken from their mothers pouches, too young, and left to fend for themselves, stressed, in shock, hungry, they will die or be taken by predators it is cruel and inhumane!

Also, rescues can be, taking wildlife from people who are not carers and have no idea of what they are doing with the animal that they have. Some people want to keep wildlife as pets for their kids to play with, or because they are cute. All of these scenarios only cause major stress and harm to the animal and usually death!

This is why it is so important that if you find ANY wildlife in need, to get it to a carer or vet as soon as possible, NOT TOMORROW, NOT NEXT WEEK, TODAY!!


“It’s All About The Wildlife”

Rescue, Rehabilitate, Raise, Release