My work as a wildlife carer is 24/7 and 100% voluntary. Andara Wildlife Sanctuary is a non profit, with No government funding, private sanctuary on the North-East coast of Tasmania. Andara is supported by this website, Dogapaloosa, North east landscaping and generous donations. Operated by myself Sharlene King, I am dedicated to the Rescue, Rehabilitation, Raising and Release of orphaned, injured and sick native animals. 

I have been a volunteer carer of orphaned, injured and sick wildlife in Tasmania since 1998. It is my passion, it is my life! 

In this time I have had the most amazing experiences with these amazing animals. I have always been an animal lover/carer/rescuer, and when I came to live in Tasmania I soon realized just how much the Wildlife needed carers!!! 

I was in recovery from a head on car accident and in my time of need, I found my first Joey a Brushtail Possum on the side of the road, still in it's mothers pouch, who was dead.  
I knew that I could help the Joey heal, but did not realize until later, just how much that tiny little possum growing into an adult also helped me to heal and then the wildlife carer journey began!

'Andara wildlife sanctuary' really started when I bought my home and 2 and a half acres of land. I was so excited and was finally able to set up permanent enclosures and fence an area of the land, for the animals in care, to be safe to live and exercise before releasing them back to their natural habitat.
Some however, would not recover 100% for them to be released, so I also cater for long term care, as I believe they deserve it!

Injured and sick animals are also treated here at Andara. On average, per year I take in 60+ animals of all species. Most of the animals that come to me for care are orphans. Their mothers have been killed on the road, shot or attacked and killed by dogs or cats!

I am a registered wildlife carer with the Tasmanian government - Department of primary industries, parks, water and environment - Wildlife management branch.
I am known around the state, and work with other carers. I have taken many courses over the years to keep up to date with caring for all species.
I have been trained by vets to give subcutaneous fluids for dehydration, antibiotic and other medical injections, I use natural medicines and therapies including BioSuperfood for all animals in care.

I have given talks, trained and mentored people on wildlife rescue and care, and continue to educate the public, as this is key to getting people to understand the needs of our very important wildlife.  

I feel privileged and honored to be a wildlife carer. It has changed my life and the people around me.