This is Siri aka our Snuffaluffagus (of Sesame Street fame) and as usual accessorised with a barely visible white hair across her nose courtesy of her two pure white pen mates. 😉
She has been on the BioPreparation F3+ since Monday (5 days) and I have been feeding her the F3+ 4-6 times per day until she stops wheezing then I will drop the dose down to twice per day. Guinea pigs are susceptible to pneumonia so I wanted to take care of this as soon as possible. Today I’m only occasionally hearing some heavy breathing so she is much better and between her and her two mates they currently go through about one F3+ capsule sprinkled on their kibbles per day. 
I’m really glad I’ve found you as previously I had been ordering BioPreparation from the US. I’ve had so many great results with F3+ so here are another couple testimonials regarding guinea pigs.
My first experience with BioPreparation F3+ was in 2009 when an older pig had calcification build up in her hips (discovered in an x ray) which is common in older guinea pigs. She had recently been put on pain meds and I thought about putting her to sleep but decided to try the F3+ and within 2 weeks she was off the pain meds and gingerly walking around whereas before the pain meds and F3+ she would cry in pain if I even picked her up. She happily lived another year to age 6 before it was her time to go.
My next experience (2011-12) was when a local guinea pig breeder commented she was having trouble with several of her prize show sows getting pregnant even though they had been with the boars for at least 6 months. She was very worried as they were almost past their breeding age and the last of their breed in her caviary. From my previous success I suggested she give them BioPreparation F3+ and being at her wits’ end she gave it a try and sprinkled the F3+ from the opened capsule daily over the sows’ and boars’ food. Within two weeks all 3 sows were pregnant, resulting in 1 live birth from this first use of F3+. She has continued with the F3+ with greater and greater success and also advised other breeders in the area with similar problems to use the BioPreparation F3+.
From her feedback these sows were also successfully bred within a short while when fed BioPreparation F3+.
Thanks again for getting the BioPreparation F3+ to me so quickly!