Sunday's Testimonial

March 8 2013
We are in quick and desperate need of some bio preparation formula for animals as our 18 month old German shepherd has just been diagnosed with Haemolytic anaemia.

March 20
Sunday had four days on prednisone with no response and the vet wanting to put her down again. We pushed on and she had a following four days on the pred and the biopreparation and she has now stabilised with the look of new blood cells forming! We have been given another four days Grace and I am feeling optimistic. I cannot thank you enough for helping us and I will
certainly keep you informed.
Much love x
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and without you I am sure we would be without Sunday.

April 28
Hi Sharlene
Sunday is amazing! Her blood count is now 30 and the vets are calling her their “miracle” dog. I keep telling them that it is not a miracle!

Aug 6
Hi Sharlene
Sunday is amazingly well. She has never really looked back although we watch her closely just to make sure.

Sept 19
Hi Sharlene
I hope this finds you well. We are great and Sunday is truly incredible!



Sparki’s Testimonial Sparki the Wonder Miracle Dog

April 30 2013
Can’t wait to get Sparki started on this and really encouraged by the possibility it may help him a lot. He really needs something to help improve his IMHA (Immune Mediated Haemolytic Anaemia) that he has been battling hard with for 4 to 5 months now.

May 11 2013
Hi Sharlene
Just a quick update on Sparki. He has been on the BioPreparation f3+ since last Thursday and has gradually been showing further signs of getting back to his normal self. More energy on walks and starting to do a few of the things he used to do before he got sick. His PCV (red blood cell count) has gone up slightly too. From 24 last Thursday to 26 yesterday so hopefully it is all helping.
Thanks again for your amazing work you do with animals (the world needs people like you!) and also for supporting us with ‘Sparki The Wonder Dog’. We really do hope to see him back to full health one day and if BioPreparation can assist with that then we will certainly keep using it.
Thanks again for your great help and support, I am sure Sparki will benefit greatly from the BioPreparation.
Paul, Jen & Sparki

June 19 2013
Hi Sharlene
The GOOD News is that Sparki has been doing very well in the last few weeks. His severe skin condition that he developed as a result of one of the medications he was on to control his red blood cell count has improved dramatically and Sparki’s energy and vitality have certainly picked up significantly. He is getting back to his ‘normal self’ more and more and it is so fantastic to see his beautiful spirit returning. I am sure the BioPrep has contributed to this.
When we first spoke to you I think Sparki’s PCV (red blood count) was around 23/24. It went up to 25 a few weeks ago and his latest read on the weekend was 27. It is not a dramatic improvement and we would still like to see it up in the mid 30’s so it is more in the normal range but at least it is heading in the right direction (even if it is not as quick as we would like) so that is certainly positive. We certainly feel that he is looking and feeling much better in himself (his cheekiness and funny little things he used to do has come back! J) and are much more positive that he will continue to improve.
So we will definitely continue to use the BioPreparation f3+ and would like to order another bottle for Sparki.
Thanks so much again for your support and the Awesome work you do. Look forward to receiving more of our BioPrep.
Paul, Jen & Sparki the Wonder Miracle Dog!

July 10 2013
Hello Angel Sharlene We have SO MUCH GREAT NEWS about Sparki The Super Dog for you.

July 21 2013
Hi Sharlene
Just letting you know that Sparki continues to improve and a couple of weeks ago his latest blood test showed his red blood cell count is back up to 31% (27% on last read) which is the highest it has been since he first collapsed in Mid December last year so that is very exciting (not far off the normal range now). He has really good energy and we find it hard to keep up with him now – always looking for walks and some sort of stimulation which is what he used to be like. Much rather have this though! J So we will definitely get another BioPrep for him.

August 26 2013
Also letting you know that his last couple of blood tests have continued to improve. He has gone from 31 to 33 in the last month or so and then on Saturday we had another test done (after dropping some of his prescribed medication dose down over the last two weeks) and it went to 34 so that is only one percent off the normal range which is very exciting!
We are sure the BioPreparation is helping.
Paul, Jen and Sparki the Wonder Dog!

July 27 2013
Hey Sharlene
Yes, it is GREAT News re Sparki the Wonder Miracle Dog! He certainly is a little Champion and it is such a Huge relief for us all to have him back to more his normal self again (almost need to slow him down now as he is constantly looking for walks and stimulation – maybe the BioPreparation is working too well!). Certainly rather see him this way than the heartbreaking struggle he was going through for so many months.
Paul, Jen and Sparki the Super Wonder Miracle Dog!
YAY! For The Sparki Super Dog Team
Here is a photo of our little treasure you are welcome to use on your website.
Hope it helps. Thank you again for helping us.
Jen xoxoxo


Sophi’s TestimonialSophie

Hi Sharlene
Thank you for inquiring about Sophie and myself.
Sophie is going from strength to strength and I would say she has regained 2/3rd of her health and still improving. I am so thankful. I weaned her slowly off the steroids and she has now been free of them for 2 weeks. She receives 3 tablets a day of BioPreparation f3+. (I would like to order some more supplies from you)
I so appreciate your support and kindness. I wish you well with your work in the wildlife sanctuary.
Love and blessings