My 12-yr old cat acts like a kitten

I have given BioPreparation to my indoor cat since she was a baby, and she has never had to be seen by a vet. she is now 12 and acts like a kitten.

S.L., WA, USA 2014


MRSA – From Euthanasia to life

Also wanted to tell you a couple of great stories.

I have a kitty who showed multiple urinary infections for almost year. The last was when she had a tooth extracted. A few months later she gradually lost the use of her hind legs. We took her to a specialist who performed an MRI and said she felt surgery was indicated as there was some compression to the nerves of the spine. We agreed but after 4 days at the vet without her raw food diet and her BAC F3+, Dolly went down hill and the vet called to say she cultured her urine and discovered she had MRSA of the urinary tract. Now it was all coming together. Seems she had MRSA for some time but because of good food and care she didn’t exhibit symptoms of illness. The vet then said her BUN was 130 diluted and the antibiotic for MRSA would shut down the kidneys completely, therefore suggesting euthanasia.

I said I would pick her up next day and treat her myself and at least have her home if she wasn’t going to make it. The next night I went to pick Dolly up. I kept her on fluids and began giving her BAC with raw food and baby food every 2 hours to equal 3 caps per day. Note: Dolly weighed under 6lbs at this time. I tested her urine every 3 days. 2 weeks later I took her to my regular vet and the MRSA was completely gone, no urinary infection at all.

It has been a year and Dolly’s has gained back her weight and although her back legs are still weak, she is able to walk quite well now with a hind quarter support or towel around her midsection. We recently had labs done and her kidney BUN is still 39. She is a happy lap cat girl and is now 19 yrs young.
Thank You for BAC.


Another girl I have named Sophie showed signs of kidney disease a year ago and so did energy work over the year and increased her BAC to just over 1/3 cap 2 or 3 x a day.  Just had her labs done again and the vet said she has never seen this before, where an older cats kidney stats got better over the year. Sophie is 18 years young.
Again, thank you for BAC.  Note: none of them have any health issues, no high BP, nothing.





Have a blessed day
Constantina. USA, May 2015 

Cat recovered to full health

One of my cats, Angel, was not doing well, spitting up saliva, not eating and only drinking a little. So glad that I had the BAC F3 handy. She was listless, sleeping a lot with very little activity. She’s young at 3 years old.  I had a company come out & spray for bugs with marigold oil. Maybe she licked it or ate a bug with it on it. Angel wasn’t interested in food or water for 3-4 days, getting weaker. I tapped a small dose (1/4 capsule) of F3 in her mouth & squirted a few eyedroppers of algae water. I did this 2-3x/day for a week. She recovered back to full health, no longer listless. Thank goodness for the algae!  BAC F3 allowed her body to naturally heal. Glad I knew about & had the algae to avoid a vet bill and the possible loss of my cat! I got BAC F3 for my oldest cat at 18 who stayed active for 2 more yrs. She lived fully healthy to 20+!

Dawn Doucet, Brighton, CO, USA 2014


Cat with hypothyroid condition

We found out that Connie is hypothyroid, an unusual condition for cats, which accounts for her obesity. We are giving BAC to her and have seen her energy level and appetite improve. We started giving Connie the micro algae supplement in October 2002 and by January 2003, her thyroid values tested normal. Her weight has stayed the same, yet she is skinnier, showing that her fat is being replaced by muscle.

– M.A.L.


BioPreparation for an elderly cat

We gave this to our elderly cat that was dying of kidney disease and saw an amazing improvement after just a couple of days on it. She had more energy and was more like her “old” self.

– M.A.L.


Great cleansing

Hello Dr.Kiriac, I am a cat breeder and I wonder how much BAC to give my cats. I have been feeding them BAC for 10 days by placing one capsule per day for each of six feeders.

The cats have vomited, have lots of mucus discharge, diarrhea and loss of hair.

I have stopped and all came back to normal. Did I give them too much? Should I give then less periodically like half a capsule?

Dr. Kiriac responded that BAC can cause cleansing of the intestines and the lungs. He suggested that I give them each one half capsule per day.

After a few weeks, all is well, the cats have a superb coat and have stopped losing hair.

Thank you Dr. Kiriac.

Nicole Gourde, Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec, Canada – September 2005


BAC and Chronic Renal Failure (CRF)

It was nearly 17 years ago when I brought home 3 adorable Himalayan kittens: Rocky, Kasey, and Chanda. Rocky and Kasey littermates and Chanda had the same father. For their entire lives I gave them the best care I knew of — following the advice of a respected, well-established veterinarian clinic, I gave them the highest quality food touted on the market like Iams and Hills Science Diet and lots of TLC!

This past summer I learned the other side of pet ownership. In August 2006, we learned Rocky had intestinal cancer and within 4 weeks he was gone. One week later, I took Kasey in for a senior screening and learned he was in the advanced stages of Chronic Renal Failure (CRF). [Sigh] Kasey did great, however, and for 4 months we enjoyed some of the best times of his life! He really was mostly “normal” clinically right up until the day before his death on Dec 25th. Amazing!


Among the wealth of information I gleaned from Little Big Cat (visit at, two areas were paramount. The importance of canned or wet food over dry food and a specific algae blend called Bio-Algae Concentrates (BAC) for whole food supplementation (visit at I encourage you to read through the information on the above websites but here is the short version of these two important points:

1. The importance of canned or wet food (or even raw) over dry food: Cats are by nature arid (dry climate) animals and thus are designed by their Creator to obtain the majority of their moisture from the foods they eat (i.e. birds, mice, rats, etc.). Do the math; give your cats dry food and you are compounding the dehydration factor which can lead to numerous health issues including but not limited to CRF.

2. Bio-algae Concentrates: I don’t sell the stuff so you can put your guard down right away as this is not an attempt to sell you anything. From what I have learned, cats, being obligate carnivores, do not have the ability to break down the cell walls of plants thus it is probably a waste of time to give them fruits & veggies.

Chanda today: despite having been diagnosed nearly 6 months ago as being in the very early stages of CRF, her numbers/kidney values are stable, her blood pressure is normal, eyes are clear, and clinically she literally has as much energy and spirit as her earlier years, once again playing with her toys and running through the house. She has such a soft and shiny coat that everyone who meets her, whether a veterinarian, vet tech, stranger or friend remarks about her soft coat! They simply cannot believe she is nearly 17 yrs old!

Please realize I am not suggesting that switching to canned food or adding BAC are “miracle” cures and I am not a veterinarian. I am simply letting you know what my experience has been, in the hopes you will get the same or similar results with your pet! I know Chanda will not be with me forever; I may have weeks, months, a year or at most several years given the average life of a cat is 15-16 years but I want however much time she has to be as enjoyable and healthy as possible. Whether the above is adding years to her life, I do not know but I do know it is adding life to her years!

Kent and Chanda


His fur really is growing *that* quickly. I’m amazed.

Hello Roland, … I’ll cut right to the point here! My cat has been given everything at different points in time for his health and maintaining his urinary tract health / urine pH etc. and nothing has worked, and BAC is the ONLY new product he’s had, I have to credit the BAC for this improvement.

For a year and a half now since he came down with the urinary blockage / FLUTD, he’s had bare patches on his arms (I thought originally that it was just slow to grow back where they shaved his arms for IV’s!) and also lost a patch of fur near his right hip; and a couple teeny patches on the back of his rear feet / hocks. Well for the past 2 weeks I have given him the tiniest sprinkle of BAC powder from a capsule into his raw food meals – I’ll estimate about every other day and not more often than that ! and his fur is swiftly filling in the bare patch on his side and the area inside his arms.

Even now, I am having a hard time believing his fur is growing this quickly from the BAC and I am trying to convince myself there’s a combination of things going on because he’s been on parasite remedies, increased taurine for just slightly longer – maybe 3 to 4 weeks. But when I think more on this, say for example just the day before yesterday I was examining that bare patch on his side and saying “Is it my imagination or is this really filling in! I think it’s filling in!” While today I’m even more in shock that I can barely tell where there was fur loss. So truly his fur really is growing *that* quickly. I’m amazed. And, I had not even thought to look at his arms until two nights ago. I tried to look and I thought they looked like they were growing fur but he was trying to eat 😉 and I gave up trying to lift his arms. So I just looked now and you wouldn’t know up until recently that he appeared to have shaved inner front legs. He’s got probably most of his fur back on his arms. I’m truly amazed.

A side note – my most finicky dog actually likes the BAC powder, as evidence last night I was watching her eat and she actually licked the residual off the plate after finishing her chicken (raw). She has avoided every other nutritional product she’s ever had, so that is truly encouraging.

I’m glad you are promoting this super nutritional product – it’s fantastic. I did read the booklet sent along with the bottle about its development and am so grateful for Dr. Kiriac’s perseverance throughout the development process. And finally, I so very much thank and appreciate Lita at P4H for her constant studies and research which led her to your informative website on BAC, and for sharing her links with me when she finds wonderful products.

Warmest regards,

– Laura Gordon,



Cat with kidney failure, bladder infections and a cancerous growth

I give BAC to my cat who is 16. She was diagnosed with kidney failure, has recurring bladder infections with unknown cause, and has a cancerous growth on her leg. I was told to feed her Science Diet KD and it was KILLING her. Her hair started falling out and she was declining rapidly. I changed her to a grain free diet and included BAC in her diet. Now she has had no signs of bladder infection, she is more energetic and the cancer has stopped growing. I love this stuff! Thanks.

– Anonymous


Cat with lymphoma: From only a few weeks to live to feeling well for the next year

I was told my cat had only a few weeks to live by her regular vet. I went to Dr Lemmon, a naturopathic vet and he prescribed your product. He told me he also took it himself. I gave it to my cat mixed with chicken broth 3 times a day and she was so much better. I believe it kept her alive and feeling well for the next year. She eventually was overtaken by her lymphoma but I am grateful for the time she got feeling well after beginning your product.

– Anonymous