Coonhound Paralysis 

My 9 year old dog, Molly suffered extremely adverse effects from an intestinal all wormer pill I gave her. She was in intensive care for 5 days paralysed and in very poor shape. The neurosurgeon diagnosed Coonhound Paralysis. He said she would probably make a full recovery but it would take a very long time.  In the meantime my sister stumbled on the Something Magical site and ordered a bottle of the BioPreparation F3+ capsules.
I am writing this to tell you that this was the turning point for my dog. She started her path to recovery every day, slowly walking and eating again. I could see improvement each day to my delight. On the 10th day I took her back to see the neurologist and he couldn’t believe his eyes. I also put my other dog ,also 9, on the capsules and saw a real improvement in him to the point he was like a pup again and became quite a handful. I had to cut back his dose!
Molly is now running again and that happened at 6 weeks. I think she will be better than she was before she became ill.
I can’t recommend these strongly enough.
If you love your dogs as much as I do, then get them onto BioPreparation as it really is something magical!
Di Ferrara