Welcome to the BioSuperfood family and thank you for letting us share with you the benefits of this daily whole micro food.

We are passionate about living healthy fulfilling lives and about sharing this passion with our loved ones, friends and everybody that cares about their wellbeing.

We firmly believe in the genius design of our bodies, of our brain, and of every single cell that our body is composed of and we believe that if our cells are properly nourished, our body will function at its maximum.

Dr Michael Kiriac

Dr Michael Kiriac ND


BioSuperfood is a whole food product formulated with nutritionally rich microalgae, four of the most nutrient and phytonutrient dense algae found on earth. It is a scientific formulation of four of the most effective nutritional and immune support foods.

BioSuperfood is a holistic solution that provides optimum cellular food for optimum cellular nutrition. The thousands of micro-nutrients found in these synergistic blends reach and nourish every single cell, including those of the brain, proven to be able to cross the blood brain barrier and retinal barrier.

BioSuperfood was developed after 13 years of intensive Soviet research on algae, led by holistic nutritional pioneer, Prof. Dr. Michael Kiriac, PhD, ND. These blends have been tested, proven, and used in agricultural and human applications for over 30 years.

BioSuperfood’s practical applications range over two decades of nutritional support for hundreds of children and adults of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster and for thousands of people in their struggle with common or difficult health conditions.

BioSuperfood is internationally recognized and awarded. In November 2002, Dr. Kiriac was awarded the highest honors at the 52nd Eureka International Invention conference held in Brussels, Belgium – the Commission’s Cross and Golden Globe Award.

BioSuperfood was hailed as the best nutraceutical product in the world. Over 900 inventions from around the globe were presented at this annual show.

BioSuperfood is Health Canada approved as “A source of antioxidants for the maintenance of good health.”




BioSuperfood is for people who wish to regain, protect, and maintain their overall health and immune system. It’s a holistic solution to help your body use it's own self healing power. Everybody can benefit from the rich nutrient content of BioSuperfood.

General Nutrition
Value added – significantly increases the efficient digestion of food and absorption.

Wakes up your body’s natural ability to heal with the superior nutrition found in these whole food algae blends.
Health maintenance & protection
Helps promote optimal health by boosting the immune system and protecting from free radicals.

Sports & Fitness
Ideal for the active, athletic individual who wishes to maintain peak performance whether it is bodybuilding, biking, swimming, or any other fitness activity that stresses your body, without using dangerous synthetic products.

Vegans & Vegetarians
Contains complete protein makeup and the rare plant vitamin B12, all in veggie capsules.