Roseneath Organics Fast Acting Spray


FAST Acting Spray has been specially formulated to provide fast acting
pain relief and tissue relaxation. It is a ‘no-touch’ product. The spray can be
sprayed on and does not require any ‘rubbing in’ or massage.

FAST Acting Spray is more appropriate for bony areas and extremities where circulation is lower.
FAST Acting Spray can be combined with Slow Release Rub for enhanced effect.

125ml spray bottle.


Why would I buy this Roseneath product over the other brands ?
Our product harnesses the power of natural calendula flower for pain relief and is made using food grade natural ethanol. Most commercial products contain a synthetic cream / lotion base or in isopropyl alcohol or
phenoxy-ethanol. Neither of these solvents are really suitable for extended exposure on the skin or for use over extended periods.

How do I use it ?
Simply spray on and wait. After about 15-30 seconds most people feel a prickly
sensation as the nerve transmitters in the damaged zone fire off the substance.
Within about 60-90 seconds the FAST Spray has generally reached its maximum
effect. It may take up to 2 minutes on some individuals and on specific body parts.
The more Spray that is applied, the stronger the effect on the body.
For serious pain it is suggested that one light application be made initially rather
than one heavy application. More FAST Acting Spray can then be subsequently
applied to increase the desired effect.
Does it have any distinctive features ?
FAST Acting Spray is in an ethanol base and utilises concentrated organic calendula flower extract for the salicylates These salicylates are naturally occurring within calendula flower. The product also includes Wintergreen and Ilex (Yerba Mate) for added relief. The essential oils chosen for this fast acting product include more traditional varieties such as Juniper Berry and Sweet Marjoram. Juniper acts as a carrier to enable better penetration of the Spray. Sweet Marjoram is itself a premier bruising and pain relief treatment.
Is there a Roseneath alternative to this product ?
Depending on the nature of the pain relief sought, FAST Acting Spray can be substituted by Slow Release Rub or Deep Relief Oil.
What other brands can I compare this product to ?
This is the only Roseneath pain relief product that is comparable with other conventional products intended for use on general sporting injuries. Other commercial brands do not contain sweet marjoram, juniper or calendula flower extracts to provide pain relief.
Are there any cautions I should be aware of when using this product ?
When applied to certain areas of the body FAST Acting Spray can be quite hot initially. This heat is not felt by most people but for the few that do experience this, it generally occurs when using the spray on places around the back of the neck or on the lower back. This is due to the sensitive nature of the skin. We suggest some caution when using large amounts in sensitive areas. We also suggest one initial light application followed by late subsequent applications as and when required. Keep out of eyes when spraying and not for internal use.
FAST Acting Spray Contains …
Pure Ethanol Pure Water Organic Calendula Extract Oil of Wintergreen Ilex Paraguariensis Extract
Peppermint Menthol Essential Oils of White Camphor, Eucalyptus, Wild Thyme, Sweet Marjoram,
Juniper Berry and Clove Bud Oil (BP) Pure Salicylic Acid

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